LED Panel Installation Support

Thank you for purchasing our Led Light Panels! We understand setting them up may be confusing, therefore, we have made this guide for you.

1. Unbox

Please make sure you have all the parts that come in the kit. 

  • Light Panels (6 or 10)
  • USB Links (6 or 10)
  • Receiver USB
  • Triangle Connectors
  • USB Cable
  • USB Wall Adapter
  • Desk Mount

2. Download the app

The app is called "DreamColor" and can be download from the app store or by scanning the QR code below:

3. Assemble the light pattern

You can choose to assemble in any way you would like as long as you follow the steps below

  1. Choose a light to be the "receiver light". This panel will have the USB Receiver plugged into it (any USB slot works). Please make sure the receiver is plugged with the flat part being on the bottom side of the lights. The rounded/curved part is facing the front panel.
  2. Link your lights with the USB Links. Make sure that the big arrows are visible and are facing down. Also, make sure the arrows flow in one direction coming from the receiver light. 
  3. Lastly, plug in the USB cord into any of the lights. it does not matter which USB port you plug it into.

4. Connect to the app

  1. Download the app if you have not already from the QR code above
  2. Click the circle light icon in the bottom right. You can connect your lights there


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us with the button below.

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